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Scandinavian Kartway is equipped with electronic timekeeping and on TV screens you can follow all lap times. We also have a pit lane building with changing rooms and a cafeteria.

For companies and groups, we have several different ready-made "race packages" to choose from. If you just want to try, or if you are just a couple of people, you are welcome during our drop-in times.

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Scandinavian Kartway is located opposite the main entrance to Scandinavian Raceway. The track, which is a copy of Scandinavian Raceway, is 555 m long and 7 m wide (8 m wide at the start and finish line). Additionally it's 2 m wide in all outer corners.


Imagine being able to drive a Formula 1 car at some point. Now the dream can come true, almost in any case. On the reduced copy of Scandinavian Raceway, Sweden's only Formula 1 track, where drivers such as Niki Lauda, James Hunt, Emerson Fittipaldi  and Ronnie Pettersson drove in the 70's, which we cleverly call Scandinavian Kartway, we drive go-karts.  


The course has the same layout as the large course so the feeling will be very similar to the original!   WELCOME!



Our go-karts: 4 120 cc go-karts for children. Minimum age: 8 years. Top speed approx. 50 km / h. 15 st 270 cc go-karts. Minimum age: 12 years. Top speed approx. 75 km / h. 1 2-seater go-kart. Minimum age to drive alongside: 5 years


During all opening hours, there is always water, soft drinks, energy drinks, sweets and ice cream to buy on site.

In our cafeteria we can serve drinks and coffee before, during or after the race - even food by pre-order. Go-karting is a much appreciated feature during the conference. Our cafeteria can be used as a conference or meeting room for up to 30 people. Change the suit to overalls and go full throttle. Welcome to Scandinavian Kartway!

Racing menu for go-kart drivers (ordered in connection with your go-kart booking)


Lighter dishes:

Grilled or cooked sausage in bread with mustard & ketchup SEK 20 

Cheese / ham roll 25: -

Meatball baguette SEK 55

Skagen baguette SEK 65

Chicken baguette SEK 55

Sauteed cutlet row, creamy potato salad with capers, red onion, apple, dill, mixed salad and roasted pumpkin seeds. 140: - per person

Hot smoked salmon on a bed of lettuce with primroses, quinoa, boiled eggs, citrus aioli and salt-roasted sunflower seeds. 155: - per person


Main courses (Buffet):

Pyttipanna with fried egg and beets. 160: - per person

Pan-fried beef, fried onions, dill-boiled potatoes, cream sauce and lingonberry jam. 170: - per person

Herb marinated chicken fillet, baked onions, roasted root vegetables and citrus aioli.  180: - per person

Breaded Wiener schnitzel with herb butter, fried potatoes, red wine sauce, lemon and green peas. 190: - per person


All main courses are served with drinks, mixed salad, bread and butter and coffee.


Main courses with grilling on site:

Grilled 200 gr hamburgers made on sirloin and brisket, brioche bread. cheddar emulsion, beef tomato, red onion, crispy salad. 190: - per person

Grilled pork loin marinated with honey, herbs and soy, garlic-fried beans, potato gratin, thyme sky served with mixed salad, bread and butter. 190: - per person



Rhubarb pie with custard. 70: - per person

Draft cake, whipped cream and berry compote. 60: - per person

Chocolate mousse with crumble pie crunch and fresh berries. 70: - per person



All the above prices including VAT. 

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