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Opening hours DROP IN

SATURDAY-SUNDAY (May-Sept) 12.00-18.00

JULY (Week 27-31) EVERY DAY 12.00-18.00

(With reservation for possible bookings and bad weather)


Drop-in is always subject to availability during the aforementioned times and cannot be booked in advance. In case of rain/wet course, it is closed for drop-in. In case of heavy traffic, there may be queues and longer waiting times. Covered shoes are a requirement. You must understand spoken Swedish or English in order to drive, interpretation via another participant is not accepted as our instructors cannot assess whether the safety information is presented correctly.


Bookable hours for our Race Packages:

Every day of the week 10.00-21.00 between April - October

The above opening hours apply to our bookable Race Packages only, not drop-in.

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